Gates Deep Epic - 5K Underwater Housing Package - Epic Housing, LCD Housing, Dome Port, Flat Port, Extenders, Seal-Check, HD-SDI.

The housing can be hired as a complete UHD (4K) setup together with my RED Epic-X camera or it can be rented alone for use with your own camera.

The housing package includes a housing for the RED Pro 5″ Touch Monitor, the Gates Seal Check system, Trim Weights, Carry Handle and Pelican Travel Case. Ports and extenders are available to accommodate most SLR or Cinema lenses.

Keldan Lights 6000 Lumen

RED Epic 5K Cinema Camera Package - Epic-X, LCD, Redmote, 2x126GB, 1X240GB REDMags, 3 REDBricks, Chargers, Smart Grip, Canon Mount, Nikon Mount, PL Mount.

The Gates Deep Epic housing is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Aquatica 5D MKIV - Underwater Housing Package - Aquatica Housing

Canon 5D Camera Package - Canon 5D MKIV & MKIII

*Note* All underwater rental packages include additional required accessories not listed here - please contact Paul Wildman for full rental equipment terms and details.


Built By Wildman specializes in award winning wildlife & adventure film production for documentaries, commercials, TV, Music Videos & feature films worldwide.

  • Experienced underwater camera operators
  • Experienced top side camera operators
  • Director of Photography
  • Stock Sales

Please contact Paul Wildman below for more information - Thank You!

Paul Wildman - Cinematographer / DoP

+1 416.301.9125 (CA)

Paul Wildman ( Built by Wildman ) is an award winning wildlife filmmaker who has spent almost two decades as a cinematographer, field producer, editor and animator, bringing the world of the wild to your doorstep. Working with large ocean predators such as sharks and other marine animals around the world. He’s also one of the founders of Shark Angels non profit organization, that educates our youth of today on the importance of having sharks in our oceans.

Paul has shot films and television shows for some of the biggest networks and production houses around the world, Including National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, MTV as well as Yann Arthus Bertrand, Rob Stewart, Micheal Muller and Sea Shepherd, bringing across the message that we should do more to protect these amazing animals, before its too late.